Our Bread

Experience and tradition prove that quality and taste improve with natural production methods. For us, this means giving the sourdough all the time necessary and to employ a slower and more intricate baking procedure. Furthermore, we never make use of artificial or chemical additives.    


The sourdough is made following old artisanal practices with a long maturing time. It takes 24 hours until the dough is ready. This long process harmonizes the natural development of yeasts, lactic and acetic acids to the typical subtle and pleasurable taste.


Our Philosophy

Organic German Bakeshop is committed to sustainability in the interest of our children and the following generations who will have to live on this earth. In order to cope with the challenges presented by tradition and future, Organic German Bakeshop has decided on an operational conversion towards an ecologically sustainable production process. 


Today, the commitment to producing high quality and healthy foodstuffs touches upon basic ecological and ethical questions. The high standard of living with the ensuing abundance of foodstuffs in highly industrialized countries treacherously suggests a blessing. The paradox is to be found, obviously, in the high price we pay: ecological destruction, hunger crises in the so called lesser developed countries and serious health problems caused by harmful alimentation and lifestyle in the so called developed countries are but a few examples. 


The visible danger to sustainable life on our planet has led to our decision to unflinchingly take the line of ecological and social sustainability. Ecological agriculture protects our basic livelihoods: water, air, soil, the natural habitats of plants and wildlife and the climate.



We work closely together with several small farmers in the Himalayas. We supply them with organic grains and guarantee to buy the whole harvest at rates above the market rates. 


Our main supplier for agricultural products is the Ahana Farm in Uttar Pradesh.  The cheese we mainly get from Manali, where a Swiss farmer has his own organic cheese farm with more than 80 local cows. 


Another cheese supplier is the cheese shop of an Indian and Italian joint venture. They use milk from small farmers, who still live with their cows and buffalos in the mountainous regions of Himachal Pradesh in the same way they have done for centuries.